Talk to me Tuesday – because it’s good to talk


How are you? Are you ok?

I recently saw a trend on LinkedIn called “Talk to me Tuesday”. From what I’d seen it was about businesses sharing a little video about what is happening with them... in their world.  What a nice idea hey? So I looked into it and seems that it there are a number of variations to it, and I am unclear really where it started. So if the originator of it is ever reading this – thanks and please don’t think I am stealing your idea, I simply wanted to jump on the band wagon and open up another variation to it.

So here goes...

Now I am not one for videos that’s for sure, if you read the recent blog “Anxiety, Netflix and Chocolate Digestives – New Year New Me (again)” then you would probably understand why I feel that way, but for those of you who haven’t read it... firstly why not? Ha. But more importantly my “issues” with confidence, self image and life in general are the main reasons I am not going to put my face and voice on a video. However I want to open up the idea of “Talk to me Tuesday” to anyone who has taken the time to read my blogs.

Starting Tuesday 29th Jan 2018 I want to open up the evening to talk... just talk. About anything and everything. From wedding planning, stationery, stress, mental health, diets (though I am definitely not an expert at that, well of most of them really. But I have been through it, warts and all). So if there is anything you want to talk about, rant about, stress about or simply gloat about. Let’s talk. I mean come on for those of you who are old enough to remember even BT knew the importance of talking back in the early 90’s and made themselves an incremental £5 billion over the 5 years the campaign ran by doing so – check out the interesting read on the origins of the campaign and how, in my opinion, the mighty Bob Hoskins may just have been the leading edge on mens mental health encouraging them to open up about their issues by reminding them “it’s good to talk”.


Talk to me Tuesday because its good to talk

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So let’s see if we can start another New Year trend and talk. We live in a social world, so let’s be social. Help build each other up and offer some support just because that’s who we are and want to be.  Follow Big Day Print on Twitter and join me on Tuesday to get involved.

Look forward to talking to you soon

Till we meet again... Frankie xxx

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