Wedding Wednesday – 2019 hottest trends


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So I have written a few slightly off topic blogs recently, for all the right reasons. Firstly as following my recent challenges as documented in Anxiety, Netflix and Chocolate Digestives – New Year New Me (again) I find writing rather therapeutic, even if no one is listening or reading I am able to get things off my chest #selfishblogs. But because of my own self indulgence I am more inclined to grab the coffee cup and head upstairs to my laptop rather than lounging on the sofa running out of things to watch on Netflix. I mean I really am... Gossip Girl – check, How to Get Away With Murder – check, You – check (and on a side note having watched GG then You straight after I can’t help but feel maybe Joe was a post Serena, Dan Humphrey well played Penn Badgley. Anyway I digress (again).

This time I wanted to talk Weddings... and specifically what is looking hot for 2019. So let’s start with the colour of the year.

Coral, coral coral – Pantone released its colour of the year labelled up as 'Living Coral'. It’s a pinky orange kind of colour, and personally I like it – Yay

Wedding Wednesday 2019 hottest trends

(Image taken from here)

I am excited to see our brides and grooms to be make use of this and what colours they pair it with. Below are some of my own suggestions but with inspiration from the sea for this colour I’d have to say the worlds your oyster.

Wedding Wednesday 2019 hottest trends

(Image taken from here)


So what about the stationery? Well according to Brides magazine “illustrated invitations” are the must have style this year, bringing the personalised touch with drawn images of venues. If this is your style great, however if it’s not then don’t worry. Bringing your big day to life on paper is what we do here at Big Day Print so if you want something a little different (check out some ideas in our gallery), or you’re venue is one of the main focal points of your day and you just can’t wait to show it off on your invites get in touch with us as your big day is our Big Day Print.

Till we meet again... Frankie xxx

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