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How are you? Are you ok?

Its Wednesday already – happy hump day to you all

We recently exhibited at a local venue and got to talking with the wedding planner there about becoming a preferred supplier. This is a super opportunity for us as a supplier, but what the hell does it mean as a bride/groom?

Well honestly that’s up to you. Having been both sides of the coin I wanted to talk to you honestly (as always).

So let’s start by looking at what a preferred supplier really is –simply put, its where a business, in this case a venue, has a list of suppliers who they have worked with frequently, who they trust to provide quality, service and reliability and are therefore happy to be in a partnership so to speak and endorse the supplier of those goods to their customers.

As a supplier it is a wonderful achievement to be on a preferred suppliers list and of course gives you opportunity to reach additional customers.

What does it mean to a customer though? Well it offers you a level of comfort. No venue will risk their reputation on a company who does not deliver to their requirements and standards so you can be assured the businesses are trust worthy (as much as possible). It also means you don’t have to do any searching yourself so saves you some time.

Trust and Time – two very important elements, especially when planning a wedding.

However a preferred supplier list does not mean the only suppliers you can use. If you have already asked your aunt Mary to make your cake as she’s an exceptional baker then that’s fine. If the local florist happens to be your best friend and they have offered to do your flowers as a gift, great. If you want something different for your invites then what’s on offer – no problem feel free to go elsewhere, in fact why not check out Big Day Print?

So in short preferred suppliers are exactly that – preferred not the only option. It’s there to help you and the venue ensure as much as possible that your big day goes off without any hiccups or let downs from unknown or untrustworthy suppliers, because let’s face it, we have all had at least a friend order a product online only to have to write a Facebook status asking for help as they have been scammed.

Till we meet again... Frankie xxx

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