Wedding Wednesday – why it costs so much for laser die cut invites and why if it doesn’t you shouldn’t


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Today I wanted to talk about Die Cut or Laser Cut invites. Die / Laser cut, pocket folds, vellum, acrylic and hand drawn/ illustration invites are becoming more and more in demand by brides and grooms. But many don’t want to pay the going rate for them, instead asking why they are so costly. Well hopefully I can shed some light on this for you.

Wedding Wednesday why it costs so much for laser die cut invites and why if it doesnt you shouldnt

These days we are seeing more and more customers coming to us asking for quotes on invites they have fallen in love with on Etsy, Pinterest and other sites, but are “way out of their budget”. Well it’s great you have come to us but let us first state we will not copy any design you have seen created by another stationery supplier or designer. It’s just not going to happen, for a start two words - copyright and plagiarism, oh and we actually love to design our own stuff. Also if you are coming to us looking for it cheaper then were probably going to disappoint you.

Now don’t get me wrong Big Day Print is about making the bespoke affordable, that said we won’t compromise on quality to achieve a budget. We want to help, we love creating bespoke designs (it’s our thing, no templates just you and your big day ideas brought to life) but we also believe in quality.

And I understand not everyone is an expert in stationery production and why the costs are set as they are, I don’t profess to be an expert in your fields either. That’s why I want to talk about it now.

Imagine you have an idea, a colour scheme, a theme even. Great! Imagine you have seen some styles on Pinterest or Bride Magazine. Ok wonderful. Now imagine it’s your job to take those ideas, colours, themes etc and make it work on paper. Matching colours exactly, interpreting the ideas and styles you have seen, making them bespoke to you and your big day, bringing them to life on paper, finding the right layout, cardstock, finish, printer. Do you want foiled finish? Laminated? What do you need to do that? Have you got the stock? These are just some of the elements we go into as stationers. Now imagine all that but for someone else, someone you don’t know, someone who knows exactly what they want but cant articulate it, or that simply doesn’t know what they want. Becomes a little harder doesn’t it? Now imagine having 4 or 5 customers to do that for. Who all need your time and expertise. Then imagine the hours spent on creating those designs, the amendments and the time to print, cut, and package them ready for your customer. Get my point? All I am saying is there is a lot that goes into those “pieces of paper”.  Honest as always.

Too many times have we had customers come to us having spent what they thought was a reasonable price for their stationery just to receive it and be devastated. From cracks in the folds, cheap thin cardstock used, rips, the list goes on. Believe me it’s heartbreaking... we have even had samples sent to us and have been genuinely shocked at what we have seen. All the disappointment to save them £50, worth it?

Ok I hear you say it –  so now I’ve a better understanding of the process... so what? Well as per the title for the blog I want to address one of the latest trends for invites Die/Laser Cut. You know the ones the intricate, almost lace like affect ones or some of the more adventurous shaped invites. You love them but you’re not willing to pay £5 per invite. You ask yourself why are they so expensive? Well I wanted to highlight that a lot of the cost for these is the time they take. Each intricate element of the design has to be cut by the machine individually created, the design has to be built so that no lines are missing and you end up with a “tear” every element I outlined earlier is doubled to ensure these elegant invites are perfect. Each card is fed through individually after being manually stuck down for the machine to read. It goes on and on and erm... on. But its worth it, as long as its done right.

But still you reach for your phone and head to Facebook. You’ve joined all the wedding groups there and you are sure you will find someone to do it cheaper. You are probably right. But as I ranted earlier at what cost really. Damaged invites? Cheap card? Poor print finish? Will they actually arrive? You may find a great deal, I am not saying everyone on Facebook is a scammer, hell no, we advertise on there. I am purely trying point out the need to check, check and check again. Read the reviews, check the websites, ask others who have had work done by them and remember anyone offering to copy a design needs to be walked away from it could end up in a lot of trouble and disappointment.

I know weddings are expensive anyway and “they just get thrown away” attitude to stationery means that £50 is an awful lot to people, but imagine spending £150 and receiving invites that you simply could not send. Was the £50 saving worth it now?


Till we meet again... Frankie xxx

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