What it's like after your Big Day... #whatsyourbigday

It's been a crazy year already... And just when I thought our ride was over (for those of you who have read my previous blog you'll know all about the ride... If you haven't had chance to check it out... Two words... Big... Dipper) the roller coaster continued... With celebration and grief aplenty

So for the first time in a long time I've sat on our sofa watching my amazing husband finally have a moment to reach for the PS4 controller and unwind by driving the streets of "San Andreas" at high speed and evading the police while shouting it was only a red light officer having smashed 4 lamp posts 3 cars and a shop front to smithereens on GTA, and as two big puppy dog eyes look up at me I found myself reaching for my laptop in another moment of reflection.

It's been quite sometime since I found a moment to allow the click of my beautifully manicure (ok ok... Stick on) nails (they really are gorgeous...  thanks etsy) striking the keyboard to soothe me in my own personal therapy session. You see I find I lose myself in words ... I love how full of emotion each one is when it's placed next to another ... How each can mean so many different things in different situations. Much like life #prophecy
I digress ... Almost a year on from our big day I want to share with you what it's like going from a Miss to a Mrs in the most honest way I can.
You see we've been hard at work building our website, designing stationery for our amazing customers, going to wedding fayres (which is so different on the other side of the table, but that's another story to share some other time) and even doing some guest blogs (so it really is time I wrote one of our own ha ha)
However the business isn't the only whirlwind in our lives in the last year ...Before you jump ahead ... No... There are no pitter patter of tiny feet ... Well excluding the furry kind that accompany those puppy dog eyes I mentioned earlier... And if you're wondering no it's not from a lack of trying... That's another reality we face post the big day ... The heartache of insisting to family and friends that it's simply just not the right time yet and there's no rush for kids ... Hey I told you it would be honest... However brutal it feels.
who could resist those eyes???? *love*
The chaos I referred to is less gut wrenching than that you'll be pleased to know... From the never ending list of companies you have to inform of your name change and marital status (I'm still working through it but did find a handy list to help... Check it out) to remembering to buy "To my husband" cards at Christmas and realising you're "Mrs ... " (fill in the blank) when the Doctor is stood calling a name and you're say looking around getting irritated that someone hasn't turned up for their appointment when you've had to wait a week for one.
Now I know you are thinking... Chaos? Is she crazy ... No... (Well according to the tests anyway ... Just kidding)  I'm just saying it takes a bit of adjusting to... Life as a wife in the most hasn't changed from being a fiancee or a girlfriend and I don't mean that in a bad way... I love being a wife and all that goes with it #bliss. It's the newness that causes the chaos. New name, new goals new purpose, and with the new comes so much excitement. But normality kicks in eventually.
After the wedding, the honeymoon and the plummet (see earlier Big Dipper reference) I had that moment of 'now what'. The planning was finished the build up was done and the day was over. I'll admit I felt a little lost (briefly). No one had warned me about the "come down". Mark was just starting the journey with the business and while I was helping I wasn't really hands on (I've mentioned before he's the brain and the brawn).
It was great to see him so excited and happy to be doing something he loves for our future. I was (and still am) so proud and thankful to him for making a dream a reality. Selfishly though I felt bored. The excitement of the wedding had been and gone. I knew once he had set things in motion for the business I would be more involved (looking back I should have enjoyed the free time I had... #hindsight ha) but for now I had nothing to keep me busy and all his spare time was spent on setting up Big Day Print (yeah I know I said it already ... Selfish of me ... Let's move on)
Then suddenly my diary was full of other "big days".
We had invites for weddings, birthdays, christenings and sadly funerals to attend. You see life is full of big days... Some happy, some sad ... Each more bearable with my husband by my side though, his hand holding mine. That look that says it'll be alright and that kiss on my forehead that tells me I'm truly loved.
Being married was becoming normal with every occasion we attended. Not easier. It's not always easy to be married... We see this so often these days where divorce rates run high. Long gone are the days of our grandparents commitment... Something I was reminded of when attending my nannas funeral recently. This woman committed her life, her soul her everything to my grandad so much so she had no desire to continue on without him, spending the longest 8 months of her life waiting to be with him once again (Big Dipper... Just go and read it it'll all make much more sense ha) with a somewhat broken heart. And being married was not boring. Just normal. And normal is wonderful. Believe me. I love our normal Sunday routine of a cuppa in bed and how normally we discuss what's for tea at 8 in the morning. I feel safe in a world of normal.
So... I guess what I am saying to you right now on the journey your Big Day is... take a moment to stop and reflect on what it's all about... The day is your wedding but every day after is your marriage. The right flowers matter only for a moment, the perfect dress fits for the day. But the love for a man who pulls you close in your hardest hour lasts a lifetime.

As Ronan (swoon) once said "life is a roller coaster just gotta ride it"

Becoming a Mrs was the peak of my roller coaster... Life is the ride I'm on and my husband is the safety buckle and because of that...for the first time I'm not so scared

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